Q: Do you kill kangaroos for their skin?

A: No. We only use the skin of the very kangaroo species that are legally to be butchered, which means the leather we use is mainly from the food chain. People eat kangaroo meat and then we make use of the leather.
More information about Environmental Aspects: http://coolleather.com.au/leather-world/why-kangaroo-leather/

Q: Do you use real kangaroo leather?

A: Yes! Kangaroo leather differs from other kinds of leathers in different aspects, such as the pore and the texture. Though you probably can’t tell at the first sight, its durability will stand out after you wear our kangaroo leather products for a period of time.

Q: Why do you use kangaroo leather for your product?

A: Kangaroo leather is about four times stronger than cowhide and it has been used in Australia for years in products such as belts, boots and whips. Today the number of uses for this strong and workable skin has now risen and includes golf gloves, sports shoes, motorbike suits, all sorts of souvenirs and handcrafts.
More information about Kangaroo Leather: http://coolleather.com.au/leather-world/why-kangaroo-leather/

Q: Can I get the bracelets wet, such as showering or swimming with them?

A: Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend you to do that. The main concern is the color. Kangaroo leather is water safe, however, the dye won’t last forever if you wash it everyday. After half year to one year washing, it will not look as good as the new one.
More information about How to Care your Cool Leather Handcrafts: http://coolleather.com.au/leather-world/how-to-care-for-cool-leather-handcrafts/

Q: Will the bracelet easily fall off?

A: No. It is the design of the closure that makes the bracelet very secure. Besides, when we handcraft each bracelet, we make the loop at one end quite small while the knot at the other end quite big to guarantee the bracelet won’t fall off.

Q: Will the color fade?

A: No. The color will not fade in short time, even you get it wet everyday. Normally, if you not live on it, the color will become a little bit darker, which makes it look even better. If you shower with it everyday, the color will become a little bit lighter after a year.
More information about How to Care your Cool Leather Handcrafts: http://coolleather.com.au/leather-world/how-to-care-for-cool-leather-handcrafts/

Q: Will the bracelet break easily?

A: No! Kangaroo leather is one of the strongest leathers among the world. Cool Leather kangaroo leather bracelets will normally last for about three years or even longer. They are incredibly strong and durable.

Q: What if I can’t find a proper size for me?

A: You can contact us for a special order, including special color combination and length.
More Information: http://coolleather.com.au/customise/

Q: Can I create my own color combination?

A: Yes. You can leave us a message on the website or through email (coolleather.sales@gmail.com).
More Information: http://coolleather.com.au/customise/

Q: Is your product unisex?

A: Yes. We have different colors and sizes for both genders and all ages.
Cool Leather design comes in a range of sizes for the Bracelets, Necklaces, and Accessories. It’s best to measure you size with a piece of string and decide what feels the most comfortable. There are basically four sizes and below are the measurement samples of the bracelets.

Size                                    Length                                      Suggestion
XS                                      160 mm                             Kids; Girls up to 12~14yr
S                                          170 mm                             Average adult female; Boys up to 10~12yr
M                                        190 mm                             Average adult male
L                                          210mm


size guide.。

( If you need special length, please leave a message on the website: http://coolleather.com.au/customise/ )
You can order our handcrafts from this website at Product section, or you can send us an email with your order (specified your choice of color, size and your mail detail). Full payment is required prior to shipping.

Within Australia

For your peace of mind, we will send your order by Australia Post Registered Post Service, which includes a proof of posting number and secure handling. A signature is required on delivery.
The estimated delivery time is 2-4 business days.


For orders under $99:  postage charge is $7.
For orders of $99 or more:  FREE postage for parcels sent anywhere within Australia. That’s our way of thanking you for your bulk purchase. You will still get your order registered, which includes a proof of posting number and secure handling. A signature is required on delivery.


We recommend you provide a delivery address where there is somebody present to receive the order. Australia Post usually leaves a card in the letter box if nobody is there to receive the package. However, these cards may accidently get lost and it is advisable to check with your nearest post office if you believe your order should have arrived.
Check Australia Post’s link for more details on registered post.


For your peace of mind all items posted overseas are sent by Australia Post Air Mail service, which is an economical option for international parcel up to 20kg.
We choose this mailing method because we have tried many orders to different countries and our customers are satisfied with its security and speed. We provide a padded package for each order to protect them from damage.
The estimated delivery time is 8-12 business days.


For orders of 1 to 4 items per parcel:  the postage charge is AUD $10.
For orders of more than 4 items per parcel:  the charge remains at AUD $10. Any postal charges over $10 will be FREE to you…it is our way of thanking you for your bulk purchase.
Check Australia Post’s link for more details on Air Mail International Delivery.
If you want to choose Registered International Delivery Service, please contact us by email: coolleather.sales@gmail.com(And the price is around $25 depend on distance).
All our prices are in Australian dollars and include the GST (General Sales Tax) on all orders within Australia.
You can pay by VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal through our secure PayPal payment gateway. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT HOLDER FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS THROUGH PAYPAL’S SECURE PAYMENT GATEWAY. YOU DO NOT PAY ANY PAYPAL FEES FOR YOUR PURCHASE. Simply follow the PayPal prompts at the checkout to complete your payment. PayPal provides state-of-the-art encryption technology for protection of card and customer details.
All credit/debit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer. If the issuer of the payment method refuses to authorise the payment, Bush Art Australia Pty Ltd, will not be held responsible for any non-delivery.
The GST is not collected on international orders, however, the displayed price is the payable price for international orders (the 10% GST is converted to a handling cost.)
Your order will be processed within 1-3 business days, unless otherwise stated. Registered Post estimated delivery time is 2 – 4 business days to most destinations in Australia.
For international customers, Air Mail International Delivery estimated delivery time is 8-12 business days.
If you need something urgently please email us (coolleather.sales@gmail.com). We want to make sure you get your purchase on time!
We cannot, however, take responsibility for any delays incurred by Australia Post or incurred by international post offices.
Each item is gift-packaged for free. We take great care to ensure that your purchase is received in perfect condition.
Here is a wrap SAMPLE:

照片 8-04-2016, 10 48 04 PM

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